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 Wed 12 / 06 / 24


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Dit evenement is al afgelopen. / This event already finished.

with Tadeás Zdárský

degrowth lunch lecture - 12:30 - 14:00 / Forum B0314

Is the greater utopia transforming our economic system or preserving it? The degrowth movement questions the efficacy of green growth, promoted by the European Union and United Nations, in addressing crises like housing affordability, energy poverty, inequality, and climate change.

non-violent communication and degrowth workshop - 18:00 - 21:00 / De Superette, with vegan soup

Explore how non-violent communication can support internal and external transformation towards degrowth, by focusing on overcoming capitalist and patriarchal conditioning in daily interactions. This workshop introduces the practical applications of centring needs through non-violent communication for degrowth.

As co-initiator of various degrowth working groups for Czechia and NaZemi, Tadeás focuses on non-violent communication, facilitation, and exploring the role that masculine socialisation plays in the transformation of our society.

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