Workshop Breaking

in het kort

Breaking (popularly known as ‘breakdance’) is an important pillar of hip-hop culture and a dance form that combines intricate movements, choreography and improvisation. If you want to learn about the foundation techniques, styles and history, we warmly welcome to join our workshop!


We are a group of young breakdancer part of ‘Ill Skill’, a dance crew based in Wageningen. We all have many years of practice and train regularly together at de Superette. Sharing skills and knowledge is an important part of Breaking culture. For this reason, we are highly enthusiast in introducing our passion to others! And like in any other sports, practicing with other people is way more fun!

We are therefore organising a 1 hour open beginner workshop weekly at De Superette!

When: Starting on Tuesday 14th of November from 8pm to 9pm
Where: @De Superette, Churchillweg 27 (downstairs)

Anyone is welcomed to join, with or without experience in dancing! We are really happy to share our passion and teach you some moves!

For more information you can contact Lucas Chojnacki (+32 488 21 53 46)